Tattoo Fading and Tattoo Removal

Want to get rid of that tattoo you thought you would keep forever? While everyone is different, steps can be taken to reduce and/or remove an unwanted tattoo. Although results (and healing time) depend on the depth and size of the tattoo, our trained staff will decrease visibility and fade the tattoo using LightPod Neo technology, a medical aesthetic laser that is noninvasive.

The laser emits pulses of light directed toward the tattoo, breaking up the tattoo pigment. The body’s scavenger cells then remove the treated pigment areas. Removing a tattoo completely may require more than one treatment.

Size, location, the healing process, the type of tattoo and application, and the length of time a tattoo has been on the skin all affect removal process. Tattoos that have evenly injected pigment are easier to remove, and older tattoos are more difficult to remove. The high-powered LightPod Neo 650-microsecond laser is effective in reducing dark-colored tattoos such as black, dark blue and dark green.

The mechanism for laser tattoo removal is based on absorption of laser energy by tattoo ink particles in the skin; the energy breaks these particles into smaller pieces and body forces subsequently remove the particles and debris, resulting in tattoo fading. The 650-microsecond laser pulses of the LightPod Neo efficiently affect tattoo ink not only superficially but also deep into the skin tissue. This may be particularly helpful in the removal of deeper tattoos. Because of its high power, the LightPod Neo is capable of treating tattoos with a large 6mm collimated beam that makes treatment fast and convenient.