Healthy Living

Preserve Health and Longevity

It takes a lot of work these days to make sure we are doing everything we can to help preserve our health and longevity. We try to find products for our family that are the healthiest choice we can make, products with less chemicals and additives that could be harmful to our bodies, the planet and animals.

Here is a list of what we personally use and support. Please contact us if you have any questions about the following companies or products.

Scout and Cellar Clean-Crafted Wine


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Rejuv Juice

MRejuv offers their amazing organic, non-gmo, cold pressed juice at Le Spa Fit in Colleyville Daily! We all know that healthy living is a long-term project, not something you can check off your to-do list after a single day. But if you’re looking to rest and reboot your system, conquer cravings, or shake off the sluggishness that can result from the hectic pace of daily life.
Rejuv Juice at Le Spa Fit


Mannatech is the pioneer of groundbreaking technology that’s revolutionizing nutrition, immune health, weight loss, skincare and more. Called Glyconutrition, it provides targeted nourishment for your cells through specialized ingredients derived from plants. Our supplements come from real food to help give your body the right kind of nutrition for a healthy life.


Using 100 years of expertise, we craft the best quality candles to fill your home with appealing fragrance and inviting candlelight. Safe, clean-burning and long-lasting, our candles will put a smile on your face.

All Our Wax Is:

  • Made with our proprietary wax formula, a custom blend of high-quality natural wax and food-grade paraffin.
  • Wax blend is free from harmful impurities
  • All fragrances comply with worldwide safety standards
  • Our candles are made using lead-free 100% cotton wicks


MONAT was conceived and produced using the latest scientific technologies and clinically proven proprietary ingredients. This carefully crafted collaboration of science and nature allows MONAT to provide an unparalleled and unique age prevention hair and skin care experience.

Now Available at Le Spa Fit: Nature's Script

Organic. Non-GMO. Nutraceutical grade: CBD oils, capsules, gummies, pet oils, e-liquids and more.

Every individual can benefit by introducing Hemp Extract into their daily lives.
Some of the most commonly reported benefits are joint and muscle support, pain relief, and sleep aid among others. A growing number of individuals are using Hemp products as a substitute for prescription medications and being turned on to the benefits Hemp Extract brings. Nature's Script stands out as a proponent for natural healing. All stages of growing, manufacturing, and distribution are in tune with the environment, true to our name. We take the highest quality ingredients nature has and add our signature touch for the consumer.

Plant to Product Guarantee

Nature's Script Hemp Extract is a product curated from the best ingredients nature has to offer. Nature's Script products are sourced from licensed and regulated U.S. farms with sustainable growing practices. Hemp Extract is isolated from heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants by way of CO2 Extraction. These quality control measures lay the foundation for in-house manufacturing teams to prepare the product for the consumer.

With a full suite of in-house departments, Nature's Script has complete product control. On-site professional formulators, manufacturing representatives, and fulfillment specialists lead the product from plant to consumer. Lab tests back our process and report over 99% purity without THC and other unwanted residuals. From the ground up, Nature's Script makes all of the check marks to provide the highest quality product to the consumer.