Eyelash Extension

Toss your mascara in the trash for good! Imagine waking up to longer, thicker lashes that just won't quit. A stunning transformation that keeps you looking "done" all day everyday with no effort. Welcome to the fashion revolution. We're here to help.

Our qualified lash technicians apply a complete set of luxury lash extensions. Using the largest inventory of the highest quality lashes wespecialize in natural to dramatic lash designs while maintaining the health of your natural lash! We do not count lashes and will add as many or as few as you would like to create the right look for your face and style.

Aftercare Instructions of Lash Extensions

Micro-Needle based procedures can be used to effectively treat a variety of issues including:

  • Mascara is prohibited while wearing eyelash extensions. Mascara will coat your extensions, erode the adhesive and be very difficult to remove while wearing extensions. The Lash Addict cannot guarantee the results or retention of your eyelash extensions if you arrive to your appointment with makeup on your eyelids or eyelashes (mascara, eyeliner, primer, foundation, etc.). If arriving to your appointment with mascara, your appointment may be cancelled, a Removal may be recommended and fees may apply. Mascara on your lower lashes is generally okay, however, excessive amounts of mascara on your lower lashes can interfere with the adhesive bond on your upper lashes
  • Pencil, gel and liquid eyeliner is prohibited while wearing eyelash extensions. These types of eyeliners will coat your lashes, erode the adhesive and will be very difficult to remove without removing your extensions. If arriving to your appointment with eyeliner on your eyelashes, your touch up appointment may be amended to a removal and fees may apply. The Lash Addict cannot guarantee the results or retention of your eyelash extensions if you arrive to your appointment with makeup on your lid or eyelashes. The Lash Addict recommends using powder eyeliner.
  • Avoid excessive moisture, humidity and sweat for the first 48 hours after your appointment. This includes long and steamy showers, saunas, hot tubs and hot yoga. You may shower however, please do not soak your new lashes.
  • Avoid touching your lashes. Touching (picking, pulling, rubbing) your lashes loosens the adhesive bond through friction and oil contamination. Additionally, you risk losing your natural lashes by pulling or rubbing them.
  • Avoid blowing air conditioning or fans directly on lashes (in car, at desk, while sleeping etc.) This can dry lash adhesive and result in adhesive brittleness and premature lash extension loss.
  • Sleeping on your back is best for your eyelash extensions. Sleeping on your sides will result in loss of the eyelash extensions on your outer corners. Sleeping in your face will result in premature loss of your extensions.
  • All skincare and makeup products from the eyebrow to the eyelid must be oil free. Including primer, foundation, sunscreen, eye cream, cream eye shadow, setting spray etc. Remove your makeup using il free makeup remover. Ask us for more information
  • Cleanse your lashes at least twice each week to maintain clean and healthy lashes. You may use baby shampoo
  • Condition your lashes 2-3 times per week. Lash extensions last longer, look and feel better when they're conditioned. Conditioning them helps keep the adhesive flexible, nourishes your natural lashes with pro vitamin B5 and keeps them looking glossy and separate. Conditioning your lashes also keeps them in place and is a great way to remove eye shadow from your lashes. If you have oily hair and skin, conditioning your lashes may not be necessary.
  • Brush lashes with a clean mascara wand daily. Wait 48 hours after lash service. Gently roll the brush over the tips of the lashes with eyes closed to detangle. Open eyes and adjust lashes with brush.
  • Keep lashes away from heat. Be careful when opening the oven door or grill lid. Be mindful of using heat hair tools near your lashes. Excessive heat from these sources can singe your lashes.

Reasonable expectations: Lash extensions are semi-permanent. Your natural lashes go through stages of growth during their life cycle, before shedding and making room for new lashes. When we see clients for the first time, we have no way of knowing how long mature natural lash will stay in place before shedding. Lash extensions normally shed at a rate of 4 each day. Additionally, spring and fall bring high levels of natural lash shedding. Proper care of your lash extensions can contribute to better retention.