Aerial Yoga

Let your mind and body float away!

An experience that gives a new sense of balance and energy, along with relaxation. Aerial yoga is a playful way to find increased stability, strength, flexibility, motor dynamics, and spinal alignment.

Introductory Class. Consists of 20 min of stretching and strengthening poses, 20 min of some basic inversions and the best part of all - floating savasana. This is typically the same class with some variations of inversions and standing postures.

This class will help with the proper placement of the fabric and how to work with the silk. Appropriate for complete beginners. No experience required. 45 Minute Class

Aerial Yoga - All Levels.One size fits all class that includes variations of poses from the Basics series, opportunities to level poses up, or stay at the basic level, adding more repetitions. Strengthening poses, stretches and inversions are taught dynamically throughout the class.

Expect to push yourself, be courageous in your practice! Prior aerial yoga experience is not required but suggested. 1 Hour Class

How Do I Get Started?

  • We do ask that you reserve a spot due to the limited number of hammocks and intimate class size.
  • We need a minimum of 3 people registered, and in attendance, for every class to “make” or occur.
  • Walk-ins are welcome on a first-come-first-serve basis, but a spot cannot be guaranteed.
  • You can pre-register and reserve your spot here or on your smart phone through our MindBody Connect app.


  • Bring a yoga mat and water bottle if you have one.
  • Please wear a shirt that covers your underarms (short or long sleeved) and fitted pants.
  • Remove all jewelry prior to class.
  • Make sure finger nails are filed to avoid snagging the silks.
  • Bring a playful attitude and an open mind!
  • We discourage the use of oils and lotions on your body when performing aerial yoga. This keeps the silks clean and fresh for the next participant.

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